Monday, July 19, 2010


I went to the cemetery today to see if the flower forms were still there from my mother-in-law's funeral June 25th. This form, in the picture, had fresh flowers from my kids. My husband is an only child so our two children and their spouses are her only grandchildren.
We have a very small family actually on both sides.

I knew I had a few bunches of flowers and some ribbon. I cut the flowers so they were all singles, spread them around the form, attached them and pinned the ribbon around the form. I made a bow and wired it.

Mom always loved flowers, so I think this would please her just fine!
I will take it back tomorrow and hang it....


  1. Very pretty & I'm sure it would please her.

  2. It's lovely, she will be very pleased with it.

  3. I'm sure Mom would approve...gorgeous Lorie!!!

    Let me know on those Florida reservations, I may talk to my Mum and see if she'd foot the bill...I so need a sabbatical in the fresh salt air...and what a fun flight you think they could handle us...heehee...

    Your gardens look fabulous...I too am hooked on beautiful pottery, Good Will had some beautiful blue bowls the other day, 3 nesting ones.

    See ya Sista!