Thursday, July 8, 2010


I just can't seem to get myself going on projects yet. Maybe it is the rain, maybe it is the heat and humidity, maybe just the whole month, but I did manage to go out this morning and take some pics of the flowers that keep amazing me on a daily basis.
This little dwarf asiatic lily is a new addition this year. What a beautiful color.
We have been bombarded with rain for the past 5 weeks. Which has made it nice not to have to water, but everything is so overgrown. This is a space outside my back door that is just that,,,, overgrown. I can see I will be doing some thinning this fall.
And amoungst all those flowers, I found this. Is it a pumpkin, a gourd, I don't know, but will let it grow and see.
This lily is about 5 feet tall and absolutely beautiful. I put the hummingbird feeder at the back of it so I can take pictures from inside the house.
This was taken from a window right above this. Can you see the hummingbird on the right side of the feeder. I have about 15 frequent visitors and I love to watch them. I have 3 feeders just like this one and I am up to mixing 12 cups of sugar water a day! I never knew these little things can drink so much!!!


  1. Lori, i've been feeling the same way. LAZY!! all this rain is terrible. My lilies are so tall so fast, that they are drooping. I have to stake them all. Your lilies are Beautiful.

  2. You have the most magical garden! Those lillies are magnificent and the color and the variety are what make it so fun! Try to stay cool..when I was younger & living in Arizona, I used to keep some very mild facial astringent in the fridge and put some on my face to cool me was nice!

  3. I just love to see hummingbirds and it's so awesome when they rest. Your flowers are beautiful and that Lily is gorgeous. Heat and humidity are deadly together!

  4. Oh, wow. Your flowers are beautiful! And I love that you found a gourd in amongst them....that's how I garden on purpose.

  5. Lovely flowers! I suppose the hummingbird has to grink a lot of sugar to power those amazing wings.

  6. lovely flowers. When I returned from my vacation trip my pink lilies were blooming...I will need to put my humming bird feeder close like you have.