Friday, July 2, 2010


Balloon Flower

I HAVE been gone for a while, but I haven't forgotten my blog! It's time to get back at it. I want to thank all of you who sent well wishes and condolences my way...
I love you all ♥
newly planted hydrangea
I walked around the yard yesterday and just could not believe how crazy the weeds have grown in with the flowers. I feel like I blinked and the weeds took over. DH (dear hubby) literally mowed off the garden as I couldn't identify anything in it. A few tomato plants, pumpkins, gourds and of course, zuchinni were saved, but that's it!
So I thought I would share flower pictures with you....
new dwarf asiatic lilies
I think I will be weeding for quite some time....

oops..... remember the post on making the rhubarb leaf cast... well, back to the drawing board with it. I guess I didn't make the cement thick enough and next time I will reinforce it with chicken wire. This was that huge one 24" big.
Dang,,,,, stronger cement maybe....

a new favorite little zinnia, I have them as a border.
All the rain has made my hostas gigantic... this one is 4 feet wide...
Time for the phlox to bloom...
Hope your 4th of July weekend is spectacular !!!!!!


  1. Hi Lori, sending all good wishes your way. We have had nothing but beautiful weather since arriving to the States. Blue skies, bright sunshine, pleasant temperatures. So much better than the 130 and dust we get in Kuwait. Everything is green, colorful, vibrant and alive. Your gardens are looking super. Have a fabulous 4th of July weekend. :) Tammy

  2. Everything looks wonderful, except for that broken cast, sorry about that. I am in Florida helping my dad for a few weeks and I haven't had much time to blog. I am missing it so much. Have a great day and your plants look wonderful.

  3. I'm with ya on the garden thingy...somehow I lost my beets in the mess, but hostas are HUGE!!!

    Bummer about the cement, every year I say I'm going to make them...maybe after the shack is built...I'll be calling for the tutorial...ha!

  4. Amazing garden. Too bad about the cast - it was lovely!