Thursday, February 18, 2010


I have been glued to my tv watching the Olympics and oh my, yesterday was a very good day for the USA teams, alpine downhill skier, Lindsey Vonn, gold; men's speed skater, Shani Davis, gold; snowboarder, Shaun White, gold. There were others receiving medals, but these are the three that I watched.

I was reading Yahoo Sports article and it was exciting all over again.

I think my perception of snowboarders has changed a bit! I used to see them as the young, hippy-like, carefree kids that have nothing else to do but spend their days on the mountains, spraying snow in the faces of people like me just trying to stay up on two skis.

Okay, okay,,,,, I haven't been on skis since,,,,, hmmm,,,, really,,,,, that long ago? and when we were out in Colorado that little skateboarder (not size little, he actually couldn't have been even.... 6!) about wiped me out!

Well, last night I was sitting there watching these snowboarders doing things that were AMAZING in a half pipe... I could not believe the courage these athletes have, to fly in the air as they did and then add flips and spins to their flights THEN land on solid ground (ice) only to go up the other side and do another death defying trick! UNREAL....

Way to go U S A!!!!!

Hey, go to Lovella's blog! She actually got to go to the Olympics yesterday. How exciting!!! To be there, feel the excitement, be amongst the amazing people. She posted some pics.

Oh and yes, I had to watch American Idol first, before the Olympics....
Wow! What a talented group of singers... This year is going to be EXCELLENT!!!
The 24 have been picked and I will be watching....


  1. YEAH!!! Great post! I am so proud of Canada for hosting such awesome games. Love the opening and everything has been great. Glad you are enjoying the games. How are you?

  2. I too have been enjoying them - - - I'm like in LOVE with watching Curling, of all things!

    I'm so glad they show them in the evening when we're home from work and can watch.

  3. I love to watch them too, they mesmerize me and they all look like Jerid...ha!

    However, I'm addicted to The Dog Whisperer...even if it makes me cry...ALOT!!!

    See ya at The Shed...someday!

  4. Nothing better in winter than the great opportunity to watch the magic performances of the olimpic players or.. the american idol.

  5. We don't get the olympics at a decent time around here so only get to see things on the news. I did just finish watching American Idol. We get a one day delayed broadcast, so the second part is tomorrow -- and we will know the 24 who were picked. Please come visit my blog post for today. With the work that you do, I think you will find The House of Mirrors quite inspiring. Wishing you all the best, Tammy

  6. I have to tell you that it has been YEARS since I have watched the Olympics. I am loving it this year watching it all evening. I am so pumped up that I can't sleep afterwards so I am very tired. Yes I loved watching Shaun, OMG how high he goes!

    I normally don't watch American Idol until the final twelve. I decided to start watching it when Ellen started for Hollywood week. It's been fun. I actually watched it at midnight last night!