Friday, February 26, 2010


So yesterday was a huge success! Got TONS done in Cedar Rapids regarding the wedding and got to spend quality time with kids and future new mom....

Today, I just needed to finish THE PROJECT!

How the sewing test came about!
My precious daughter-in-love asked for an apron on her Christmas list. She had picked one out and when I looked at the picture, the first thing that I thought of was, "Oh my, I can make that so easy!!
So I asked her to pick out some material and I would whip it up in no time. (A few hours, I'd be done, easy!!)

Got the pattern, got the material and extras..... easy!!!

Got it cut out.... 5 pieces.... only 5 pieces... Well, I kinda forgot that I haven't sewed anything for awhile so had to do the minor adjustments on the sewing area, clean off the table, set up the iron (had to find the iron) ya know.... all the details...

Then I thought I would just TWEAK the pattern a little! That's where I should have said to myself, "STICK TO THE PATTERN!!!!! HONESTLY, STICK TO THE PATTERN!!!"

So, long story short and two, yes two, days of sewing, this is what I came up with. Now you might say, "It looks like the pattern to me, minus the pockets (she didn't want pockets)."

BUT, I made it reversible!!!! Oh yes I did!!

Now for all you sewing geniuses, this would be no major feat. But for me, the one who hates to follow the patterns and who can't stay focused on a project for more than an hour at a time, This is ONE MAJOR APRON!!!!

So now I have a whole new respect for all those contestants on Project Runway!



  1. It came out really nice. I'm so glad you got allot accomplished with the wedding.
    Have a beautiful weekend.

  2. Girl, you just described me to a T...I hate to do anything that takes over an hour...and forget sewing...if I had to follow a brain would blow get it I know!

    Piper had both dogs put down day before about two day hell(for me)...we'll both be at the shop today...I think I survived!!!?

  3. Well it is a very awesome apron....I always mix patterns to make my own..or just make my own to begin

    Great job she will love it.

  4. how smart are you! it is soooooo darling, i'll bet she looooooves it!

  5. LOL! you sound like me, "i'll just tweak it a little..." ye-ah.
    however, your apron looks fab and you made it reversible too??

    last night @ church a sweet lady bought me an apron pattern that is reversible - i dislike seeing seams. :}

  6. i have no idea, because i am sewing disabled.

    you, obviously, are not! lovely apron.

  7. I have such a short attention span (think gnat-sized) that I loose patience and hate what I'm supposed to enjoy! I am the queen of unfinished projects...but you did REALLY great ! Love the apron!

  8. Beautiful apron! Like you, I hate patterns -- but I can't sew; therefore, no patter would make any sense to me. And anything that takes too long certainly loses my attention fast. No wonder I have so many unfinished projects. :/ Glad to hear all is running smoothly with wedding plans. Wishing you all the best. Many blessings, Tammy

  9. Love your apron... great job!