Sunday, February 21, 2010


I have some favorite pets on the farm. They are strictly outside pets and actually quite wild. There is only one in the bunch of 11 that I can get close enough to pick up. They ARE fed well, but keep the mice population down nicely, the black and white kitties on the Ricketts Farm. My daughter, Tracy, came home from Cedar Rapids for the day and said,"my, how many newspapers do you have out there?" huh???? (I didn't get it)

ya know mom... kitties... black and whites....


There are actually 3 litters, just no color other than one,,,,,
he's gray and white (can you spot him?)

They sure were cute when they were just kittens..

This one is appropriately named "Leg-rubber". She is the only one that I am able to pick up and she well lives up to her name!

Some of you have indeed shared your furry children with us,,,,, but some have not....

Tell us about your favorite someone with fur, feathers, scales, or .......whatever....


  1. Oh they are adorable. Fab pictures. Have a lovely week

  2. I have several responses to this post:

    1) You must be LONGING for spring to have put that header photo up!!! I just put another WINTER picture up on mine, since that's what we still have.

    2) Those kitties are absolutely adorable and I bet they help with the mouse population!

    3) When I saw your "black and white" post title and the first picture, I THOUGHT you were going to talk about all the black and white of trees against snow on gray days here in the midwest and I was GOING to say - - - yah, we've got that black and white HERE too!!

    Have a great week!

  3. Keetha,,, it is actually snowing as I type this! another 4-8" tonight. I love the pretty, but I am tired of the pretty... Time for Spring! The header photo was from Spring 2009.

  4. Wow that is allot of cats. They are so cute.
    I am sure they are wonderful in keeping all the mice away and that is a good thing. Just love the pictures. Hope your having a wonderful weekend. God Bless and meow!

  5. I too thought you were referring to the black and white landscape that we have here.....but it was the black and white catscape. When we lived in the country we had 13 cats. I love the ONE gray one! What a clan that black white group is!