Tuesday, December 8, 2009

FIRST SNOW........

First snow of the season and today they are calling for blizzard conditions. This is a repeat of 32 years ago, more on that tomorrow.

I LOVE the first snow. I used to say it was God's way of covering up the ugliness, ya know, all the ugly...

Cut the tree down on Sunday. Our ceilings are 9'2" and the tree is rubbing. Notice the front door!
So this is the before.....
When I am locked in this house because of the storm, I will get decorating and then you will see the after....
Waiting for breakfast.... here is 4 of the 12 barn kitties. They look so cuddly, but they are wild and won't let you get too close to them...
I have tons going on today, before the big storm hits, so out the door I am in the next 1/2 hour....
I miss visiting with all of you and I will be back.... later gators.....


  1. Lovely outside photo - cute kitties!

  2. Looks like you could be getting a good one. We'll look forward to pictures. Jan

  3. If I wasn't always so financially strapped in the winter, I would love it, but alas the economy doth do me wrong...but Piper and Angie(meter maid)talked me into turbo internet...OMG...I'm in heaven...lots o coffee to keep my typing fingers warm...

    Scratchy hasn't left her heated pad all day...talk about a slacker...spoiled brat!!!

    See ya after the thaw!!!


  4. that tree reminds me of the Christmas tree in the movie "Christmas Vacation" it is just gigantic! enjoy being indoors during the storm!

  5. Nice tree and the kitties look so cute. I remember a big storm in '79 when my son was born. The now was way above my head.

  6. Hey Lori, good to hear from you! I just love that header photo of the school bus. Boy, that brings back memories. We are just missing the big blizzard by about 50 miles. Yipes, take care and have fun decorating the ginormous tree!!!

  7. Beautiful winter wonderland. Gorgeous trees, love the kitties...