Monday, December 28, 2009


BEFORE..... decorations, family gatherings, presents, the 25th...
DURING...... the preparation for all the hoopla... at least the tree is done...
AFTER..... the family has been here and gone, presents unwrapped, food eaten (please, no more sugar!!)
We had a wonderful "drawn out" Christmas. We still weren't able to get everyone together because of the weather...... We will be delivering presents to the daughter stuck in Cedar Rapids because of work and snow sometime this week.
ALL IN ALL,,,, a beautiful Christmas was had.
And most of all, I got to celebrate a birthday. The most important birthday to me!
Love you baby Jesus.....


  1. Hey Lori!
    My Christmas is spread out a little, too. I like it that way... It gives me an excuse, to keep everything up, a little longer... { like I need one!}
    Take care,
    Barb C

  2. Thank you for always stopping over and leaving me comments. Your a dear friend and I love reading your blog. Looks like it was fun and Jesus is the reason! We had a great time. Have a beautiful New Year with Gods Blessings.
    Wow, it's cold in IL!

  3. i love your tree. it looks like everyone had a good time aroung it! happy new year!

  4. looks like a good time was had by all!!!!!!!!!1