Wednesday, November 18, 2009


So this is the Pineapple Upside Down Cake Lady in these parts of Port Charlotte, FLA. The absolute joy of my life. When I come down here to visit, we do have the best of time. Time is way too short, but I have found out that I just have to jump on a flight and I am here in a short day and now that I am retired, I hope to be able to do this more often.

So today, while she was fixing her signature dessert, I asked if I could watch and learn.
(I honestly have never made this before). She has shared this with many groups and I think some of the men around here have been known to fight each other for a piece of this dessert.
(Recipe to follow)

Here's the ingredients.

Drain your pineapple and reserve the juice to use in the cake as the liquid of the cake.

She uses this butter in alot of things. Seems to work well.
Cut one stick in half and put in 2-8x8 pans. She mixes it this way so she can share her p-u-d cake. My mom loves to share with others, so she will be taking one of these cakes to someone.
She puts these pans in the oven to melt the butter. When melted, she sprinkles 1/2 cup brown sugar in each and breaks it up with a fork and pushes it into the melted butter.

Then she spreads a can of drained crushed pineapple over each one and cuts marachino cherries in half and spreads them around.
She divides the batter into the two pans
and puts them into a 350 degree oven for 45-55 min., until the center is done. When it is cool, she inverts it onto a plate.
Oh my, grab a fork and let's eat!!!! Whipped cream on mine please!!!
1 Pineapple Supreme Cake Mix
2 cans of crushed pineapple
1 stick of butter
1 cup brown sugar
1 1/3 cup of pineapple juice
marachino cherries
Mix cake according to directions. then follow the above instructions. Enjoy!!!!!


  1. I bet you didn't save me some. it looks really yummy. I am glad that you are enjoy your time.

  2. You know what? I love pineapples yet I don't think I have ever had it upside down! I am going to try it, thank you for sharing.

  3. yum yum... gotta try it! Enjoy your mom!

  4. PUD Cake is one of my very favorites! Although my Mom didn't cook much inher later years, she did pride herself on her PUD cake! Thanks for the reminder..and the recipe (the photo instructions are great!)

  5. Yum!!!! My mother used to make this all the time. So good!!!!

  6. wow that looks good! could your mom make me one? ok i'll use her recipe and make it my self, thanks for the recipe!

  7. I bet your mom is a lot of fun... especially when paired with her partner in crime! :)

    To answer you question about my Death by Chocolate Cake post - we ate some and I gave the rest away. None left to freeze. If I had to guess, I don't think the meringue layer would freeze well... everything else would probably work out fine though.