Sunday, November 8, 2009


What shall I talk about today, Hmmmm.....

Should I tell you what I am making this morning.... naaaaa....
potato salad, kids are coming out this afternoon and we are having hamburgers and potato salad.
Seems odd for November, but today is going to be 72 (they promised) and in the Midwest, that is warm for November. So we are grilling out just like it is May or September... with all the fixin's.

Should I tell you what I made last night.....
This just needs the whipped cream on top. Find this recipe on Mennonite girls can cook.
Frozen Chocolate Mousse Marshmallow Torte.
(no comparing pictures, mine doesn't even come close!)

Should I show you how pretty the morning is......

A picture showing how all the leaves are off the trees?......

5 hours on a riding mower and I now have all the leaves cleaned up from all the trees!!!

Tell you a story of how we are drying corn out my back door.....
Noooo,,,, all that is boring.... so I guess I will just say.....
Have a wonderful Sunday, November 8th. Rejoice in the day and take time to see the beauty that is offered!!!


  1. Well, I hate to tell you this, but this was FAR from boring..Love to see all the everyday things of your that weird? Maybe..but I enjoyed my Sunday visit..have a wonderful afternoon :-)

  2. Sounds great. I have never made potatoe salad.
    I am doing my first ever slow cooker meal today: Traditional Stew Have fun!

  3. Love your new header. Can you believe this weather. Thanks for stopping by and leaving the kind comment about jake. He'll be missed.

  4. Isn't this weather wonderful!!!! Our leaves are still falling but worked to get some raked today. Hope your dinner was great & you're enjoying your kids. Have a great week. Jan

  5. my husband worked and got up most of our leaves with the lawnmower this weekend. our weather was pretty enough for potato salad and cookouts too.... but i had to work. : (

  6. Well, what are ya gonna write about today(Monday) is Monday right...hey, do you know where I can get a bushel of corn for the squirrels...Scratchy needs more bait...

    Gee, it looked the same at my house, 'cept I used a rake, then me and Scratch ran through them with the see, I don't take rakin' seriously!!!See ya...mmmmm pie!!!

  7. Hi Lori, Yep, we are having October in November here, too. My tree in front was pretty for about 5 days, now it's all on the ground. Love your "daily life" photos, not boring at all!

  8. love the photo of the clouds! i think potato salad is just divine any time of the year, and that desert, wow!