Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I just love copper. I like to make stuff with it and stick it in the yard. So here is my new little yard art thingy. I saw something similar to this at the Home and Garden Show and couldn't pull myself to buy one because of the simplicity of it. As I studied it, I was thinking my most famous words, "I bet I could make that!" I had all the supplies at home.
Well, I did pick up some bigger beads at Hobby Lobby. Glad I did, they show up better and if I make another one, I will tweak it a little, but for now, it is glistening amoung the hostas.
Look what I found in the machine shed the other day. They are about a month old and mamma kitty happened to be over by the food bowl, so I took a peek! My daughter (24), who was home for her final fitting of her wedding dress, took one look at them and started picking them up, naming them, and choosing which one she would love to take home (just like when she was living at home).
Sometimes, I love to see the little girl I once knew come out in her...


  1. love your piece of yard art! looks great among your plants. you are just so talented.

  2. Aww with the kittens. Love your copper lawn ornament, great job.

  3. I love the yard ornament. I am always looking for new thisng for my yard that are simple and colorful like that!

  4. too funny, you beat me to this! I saw them in a catalog and was thinking of making one!