Monday, May 17, 2010


As I am getting things done in the next three weeks, ticking off the list, we have FINALLY finished planting the garden, between the rains.

It has rained 4+" in the last 10? days.

The drainage ditches are full, the river is rising, the fields had standing water and it has been cool, in the 60's so nothing is drying out fast enough.

We need warm weather and dry days!!!

Saturday, I was missing my greenhouse buddies and needed a few filler plants for some spots in the ground. So I headed up to Hilltop Greenhouses for a bit! Oh my, the geranium house looked so bare. To think she raises 15,000 geraniums for the season and how I watered soooo many, this was what I saw going into my little spot of employment.


It WAS a good season!!!!

While there, I remembered to pick up the ONE plant I was wanting to get and had forgotten.
An Osteospermum.

This is from one I had before, 2005, I took this picture. It came back for a few years and then I moved it, big mistake... I lost it.

So this is one of the new ones I picked up. The Lilac Spoon was blooming when I brought it home, but the Spider Pink hasn't bloomed yet!
Oh how I love surprises in flower world. Can't wait to see the flower.

I also found one of my most favorite Spring pictures from a few years ago. This one is for Dale. Last year, she had baby birds in a hanging planter under her carport and I told her I had taken a baby bird pic, but of course, could not find it in my folders. Well, I found it!!!

Happy late Spring everyone ♥


  1. My Godness, I love the flowers, I wish I had room so I can plant some myself. Have a great week!

  2. That's allot of ran. Love those flowers your bought. Sweet birdie picture. So the wedding is coming up pretty soon, right? Enjoy.

  3. So good to have you back in the virtual world...and especially good to see you in the real...face to face...we were busy at the shed yesterday and I do believe the ol' Piper is back!!!


    See ya soon...those mums are to die for, wish everyone could see your yard like I do with my drive-bys...ha...look out Enterprise, Lorie is at warp speed on her rider mower...ha!

  4. I have never seen those flowers before and I really like them! the lavender spoon is beautiful and the other is mysterious and reminds me of something you'd see underwater!

    Oh the photo of the baby birdie is too too darling! So gladyou found it again!