Saturday, December 18, 2010


I have been "" working on some Christmas gifts in glass. I saw these stars made on a show THAT'S CLEVER and thought I could figure them out.....

Well,,,,, THAT PATTERN DIDN'T WORK FOR ME,,,, This star is the pattern I got from the program. It was hard keeping all the pieces together. It just looked sloppy to me.
so I made my own pattern and I like them MUCH BETTER...

I used etching cream and my dremel to put a design on the glass before I cut it, then put a rounded edge on all sides and points with my glass grinder so the edges are nice and smooth. Each star has 50 passes on the grinder (that was the time consumer!) Then I used beading wire to hold the pieces together along with some decorative glass beads... These stars are 6"- 8" from point to point.

So this is the ornament of the year for me.

Maybe I will start a new tradition, annual ornament of the year....


  1. Ohh..these are darling!! lOLove did GOOD!

  2. They are beautiful. You are so talented. I pray that your holidays are perfect in every way.

  3. Love your stars! Amazing what you can do with stone and glass. Hope you have a grear rest of the weekend. :) Tammy

  4. I just love the stars! A great new tradition.

  5. Your star is piece of triangles. It is perfectly seeing in second and third photographs.
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