Tuesday, January 18, 2011


We got here on Big Island January 12th. Stayed one night at Hilo Hawaiian Hotel because we came in at 7:30pm and there is no way we would have been able to drive to our rental in the dark. We are staying on a 24 acre property outside of Hilo. We are here for 2 weeks. 14 miles to town, Hilo. It is beautiful here. Breath taking....

Day 2 - We couldn't check in until 3pm so we went to the Hawaii Botanical Garden that was on the way to the rental. It was a mile cemented walk through a beautiful forest of native growth. There were many orchids growing in the ground, planted there, but obviously growing on their own, unreal!!!

We drove to our rental.... wow..... is all I can say....
I can only post one picture at a time,,,, I will post more pics later!!


  1. Aloha!!!! I am jealous that you are in Hawaii and I am not. But regardless I hope you have an incredible time!

  2. I'm not speaking to you...nope, I won't do it...nada, no how, no way...I even forgot your name, probably won't remember it even when you get back from paradise...nope...I'm drawing a blank...nuthin', does not compute...

    Bet you're really sad you missed the ice storm...well that'll teach ya to leave...I forgot...I'm not speaking to you!!!!!!

    Well, kinda try and have a good time...and I'll try to remember your name......................


  3. Wow, two weeks, I am so jealous. I have never been. Have a wonderful time. Can't wait to see all your pictures. Relax and enjoy!

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