Wednesday, November 3, 2010


One morning on my way to the gym at dawn, I decided to stop on the bridge and shoot the water pics out my window. Going over the Mississippi River every time I "go to town" is always so pretty, but many times I am thinking about what I need to do and how fast I can get it done and get home. This morning a barge was heading for the Locks (We live by Lock and Dam #16) and the sun was just coming up. The pictures do not do it justice.

These are the Illinois side.

This is the Iowa side.

Got home from the gym and we were being attacked by blackbirds!!!!

It is my most favorite time of year... hope you are enjoying your autumn....


  1. You may not think your pictures do it justice, but they are gorgeous nonetheless!

    I bet your "blackbirds" are starlings. They fly in flocks like that and settle into one or two trees. They are loud, messy, and rather ugly, at least I think they are ugly!

  2. Those are beautiful pictures. So glad you took the time for yourself and the time to share it with me.

  3. It is nice to stop and drink in the beauty that surrounds us. So many people are rushing to get nowhere these days thinking they are on the fast track to somewhere. Stop and drink the coffee or smell the roses. Just stop and breathe. That's what we all need to be doing. And thanking God for our blessings. Have a terrific Thursday! Best wishes, Tammy

  4. I never tire of crossing that ol' bridge into the beautiful rolling countryside of Illinois, hey, it looks just like Iowa!

    Nuthin' like a sunrise over the Mighty Miss, 'cept a Florida sunrise...sigh!!!

  5. Nice pics Lori! It's great that we've both reached a place in our lives where we can slow down and enjoy the beauty around us. BTW I got a new phone, so am now trying to figure out how to use it. Love ya sista.

  6. I love to stop and take in the loveliness of the world. The other evening I was walking through a parking lot with my son and we stopped to watch the sunset. Even in the middle of the suburbs there are those moments.

    And great for you for getting up and out to the gym!