Monday, April 5, 2010


A girlfriend of mine came into work the other day with this shirt on....

I died laughing..... and then I thought, "I can relate!!"

So we started our 40 Days and 40 Nights, self-improvement program tonight. We all weighed in and by using a number system, the nurse is going to chart our improvement on weight and exercise. Along with all this our pastor has made some handouts fitting scripture to our efforts. There will be recipes also...
This was a great idea for all of us wanting to get back in control of the issues we let go wild.
Anyone can join us. One of my close bloggy friends from Texas is doing it! I am emailing her the information and she is emailing me her weight and exercise plans each week.
If you are interested in doing this also, email me!
I will get you set up and it's only for 40 Days.... Heck! you can do it!!!!!


  1. This t-Shirt is so funny, I love it!! i do need to get rid of some pounds for sure!

  2. he DID get my skinniest days! . . . and my self
    centered ones, too. :)

    good luck on your 40 days. will follow to see
    how it works. no pressure!

  3. Good for you. I wish you great success. I did a Weight-down workshop from church years ago and it was awesome. God Bless.

    Cute t-shirt.

  4. Good Luck...I know you will do well. I love the t-shirt too!

  5. Mine has had the fattest days!!